Victoria Wright is a writer, campaigner, public speaker and actress with a facial disfigurement who mostly writes and campaigns about issues to do with disability and facial disfigurement.

Victoria starred in the Channel 4 series Cast Offs and won the Creative Diversity Network award for Best Onscreen Performance in 2010.

She appeared in the Channel 4 documentary Diverse Nation in 2011 celebrating the best diverse talent in TV.

Victoria has written for the Independent, the Guardian, the Times and Disability Now.

All articles and blog posts are written in a personal capacity and are not associated with any organisations that I work or volunteer for.


Why I'm boycotting Disney's The Lone Ranger
Once again, Hollywood has produced a film featuring a villain with a facial disfigurement. It's time to stop such lazy disablism.
Independent, 25th July 2013.


Paul Carter and Victoria Wright present the May edition of Disability Now''s podcast The Download, and discuss air travel and the social model of disability.

William Roache, child abuse and past lives
Actor William Roache who plays Ken ‘not boring’ Barlow in Coronation Street has got into trouble for apparently suggesting that child sex abuse is a ‘result’ of what has happened in ‘previous lives’. Victoria Wright comments.
Independent, 20th March 2013

Mary Berry, Joanna Lumley...When female role models go bad
There is nothing more outrageous than a female role model giving an opinion we disagree with.
Independent, 1st February 2013

In the old days we had tupperware parties, now we have botox parties.
Maybe we should leave it to the qualified professionals?
Independent, 30th January 2013